Welcome to LEAD

LEAD is a group of proficient management consultants who support both businesses and non-profits by working with them to customize solutions to their organizational development problems. We solve enterprise and management level inadequacies so that your vision remains unaffected despite the challenges. We don’t only build teams and their functionalities; we build ownership so that people wish to be a part of your idea.

Innovators do not need to be burdened with hefty management responsibilities; for that, you have LEAD.
Innovators understand ideas, we understand businesses.



  • Diagnosis

    We diagnose hindrances curtailing the growth and productivity of organizations and provide pragmatic solutions to overcome them

  • Implementation

    We develop strategies and systems for organizations and implement them to achieve their vision, streamline operations and increase their productivity, effectivity and profitability.

  • Training

    We train human resource to enhance the organization’s skills and capabilities and for it to be able to implement the strategies and systems developed.

  • Business Edge, an innovation of IFC, is a world class proprietory training solution designed to improve management capacity and business performance.
  • LEAD International is the official training provider of IFC's Business Edge training program in Nepal